MIRCA MAFFI 11/05/2015

imageDesign Consultation for companies in the jewelry and luxury industry and for all individuals who appreciate Swiss design and craftsmanship.



Summer necklaces on show at Fribourg (CH) soon! Stay tuned!


FRIDAY 18/04/2015

Thanks Friday Magazin (20minuten)! The Two-Fingerring-Set (Nr.2) in sterling silver….


PEFFIS 07/03/2015

Our lovely Peffis now also at Griesbach_bags! Obere Kirchgasse 8, 8400 Winterthur. In collaboration with internationals



Neumarkt ZH 18/02/2015


IMG_7647From now on some of my jewelry is available at Manuela’s Store Mary Jane Vintage at Neumarkt in Zurich, situated in the characteristic Niederdorf – the old part of the city. Super cool for shopping. Check it out!

BESPOKE COIN 11/02/2015


Happy child, who gets a bespoke coin made only for her in 18 carat yellow gold. Thanks to a patient client and the help of my friend Diego Riggenbach, a 3D specialist, I could manage this little small beauty. We hope to go ahead with this project for a kind of child gifts, so that you can order your own one too! stay tuned…

MANDARINE 30/01/2015


Necklace with Mandarin Granite, Labradorite and Smokey Crystal on an old sketch from my very first nude sketching class around 16 years ago. Wow! But yes, the necklace is brand new;-)

EAR RINGS 25/01/2015


A new set of colored ear rings in sterling silver and with different stones is now available atDas Ladenlokal in Widnau/St.Gallen. Currently they are the only one having them in stock and they are happy to welcome you to their reception on February 27, 2015 with music and more.

SIMPLICITY 13/01/2015


I have always been attracted by simplicity! Ring set in pink and white gold. Bespoke jewelry for a lovely person and great artist.

PEFFIS 20/12/2014


The first collaboration between Mirca Maffi and Simone Pengel for “internationals” is a serie of pendants. The monkey hand, rabbit paw and a kind of a caterpillar are made in brass and available in various platings as of pink or yellow gold as well as silver, wearable as necklace or  as keyholder…. Shop them directly by contacting us or visit one of these Shops:

Griesbach, flagship store, Obere Kirchgasse, Winterthur

Mary Jane, Rindermarkt, Zürich

PINK + BLUE 11/12/2014


Pink gold and light blue glass crystal… Lovely combination. Available now and in exhibition this Sunday in Wintherthur, check the News page.


ONE EARRING 09/12/2014


Single earring from the current MARE collection 14/15 in sterling silver and glass. One-off piece, available now!

Model: Claudia Bone, photographed in Ticino 2004 by Mirca Maffi

PEFFIS 04/12/2014


Finally our PEFFIS-Pendants have arrived…all the long way from Lebanon to Zurich! In collaboration with Simone Pengel for Internationals

GLASSY 04/12/2014


The new GLASSY ear rings in different gold shades and colored glass crystals (Swarovski elements) are now available at the Private Showroom in Zurich. Only on appointment!




Our last showroom event was delicious and beautiful as our guests were. We had a wine tasting going on with our favorites from the wine shop Felsenkeller in Schaffhausen, the newest jewelry produced by Mirca Maffi and excellent Argentina roast beef from Gaucho in Zurich! Thanks to everyone.

Glass 30/11/2014


New Earrings in yellow gold or pink gold with glass. Today at The Temporary Store, Schöneggstrasse 5, ZURICH

White Mouse 19/11/2014


Bye bye White Mouse Earring;-( you have been hunting the yellow gold cheese for so long… now it’s time and I will turn you in something new and fabulous to wear every day!

3D 14/11/2014



Printing a 3d model for a bespoke jewelry piece!

Bespoke 12/11/2014



Waiting for a client picking up her new bespoke jewelry! Earrings in yellow gold and with coral trees and rings in sterling silver and stones (onyx, tiger eye and coral). I can’t wait to see them on her…

INGA 26/10/2014



The beautiful Inga with a pot full of fresh truffles and her new MM TwoFingerRing in pink gold 18carat. So glad of this Piemonte private trunk show among so cool people! Thanks …



What happens when one orange-red carnelian goes well with two others? A black onyx and a white pearl….. It isn’t a Single Ring anymore, but a Triple Ring Thing! And yellow gold enhance the beauty of it perfectly…

GOLDEN 14/10/2014


The gold version of our MARE (sea in Italian) collection and a few statement rings with marble and brilliants at Meister Schmuck&Geschenke, Zurich! A really great showcase for MIRCAMAFFI jewelry!

SINGLES 07/10/2014


SINGLES Rings in all colors, mix and match! Sterling Silver and different stones such as Onyx, Carnelian, Quartz and more… Available at MIRCA MAFFI’s Showroom in Zurich, at GRIESBACH in Winterthur and the widest choice (picture) at DAS LADENLOKAL in Widnau!

Never Without 30/09/2014


No desert without my jewelry!
I was traveling in the US and where ever I was my jewelry was with me. This pic was taken in the fabulous Joshua Tree National Park, certainly one of the Highlights!

Swarovski 05/09/2014


Gold Earring with Swarovski, available at Meister Schmuck&Geschenke, Münsterhof 20, 8001 Zurich

SINGLE 02/09/2014


The new SINGLE rings are now available at Das Ladenlokal – Widnau SG
Sterling Silver and colored stones. Perfect to combine several colors and different shapes.

BBA 08/08/2013

Pretty much a year ago I realized my own BBA (Baby Bracelet for Adults) with the engraving of my handwriting and telling the story when I lost my one from childhood here on the blog. Since then I’m wearing it everyday combining it with other jewelry. It became my lucky charm! Now it is available for everyone. You can choose between 18 carat yellow gold, pink gold or sterling silver. I think the fact of engraving your name (or any other word you like or has a special meaning to you) with your own handwriting makes this BBA a very special and personal bracelet. Get your lucky charm!

Back in Zurich 24/07/2013

After working and traveling abroad I’m back in Zurich since June. In this time I was working on my basic collections for women and men. They are now available again, finally. I show them in my private showroom in the heart of Zurich. As I’m also working on new jewelry projects I see my clients on appointment only. So I make sure to have enough time to dedicate them. My studio, where I realize the jewelry pieces, is temporarily outside of Zurich where I can work in a quite and relaxed environment. I wasn’t working on the bench for a long time and I have to admit that even if I’m more focused on the design process I will never renounce the handcraft. I’m happy to be back in Zurich.

Workshop In The Lab // Shanghai 18/05/2013

The workshop I did with jewelry students of Tongji University ended last week. We had a good time together, and I really enjoyed working with them. The last two weeks were very interesting. The students worked on their models in the jewelry lab. All designs were different, each was a unique piece. Seeing the students’ enthusiasm and their curiosity to learn new techniques was a great pleasure for me. Even though some tools were missing in the lab, we were able to work on basic jewelry-making techniques such as bending, sawing and soldering. Most of the students did this for the first time, and some of them even worked on their projects in their free time. They put a lot of effort into their work, they experimented with different ways of working and they got a good idea of what it means to produce jewelry by hand.

As everywhere else, time in Shanghai flies too fast, especially when life is exciting. I hope there will be more such workshops in the future! I hope it for myself, but I also hope it for design students, because getting to know materials and techniques by exploring them personally opens up great opportunities. I started my career with an apprenticeship as a silversmith, and the knowledge I gained back then is still the basis of my work today – even though I am currently more involved in designing than in handcrafting!

Photo by Andy Yuk

Speech // Tongji University // Shanghai 06/05/2013

In Shanghai, I’m not only teaching a workshop at Tongji University, I also have the honor of giving a speech! Its topic sounds rather complex: Eclecticism of Jewelry – A Diversified Way of Creative Expression. But it isn’t really that complex. I’m gonna talk about being creative as a result of being inspired by all the different cultures, styles and colors this world has to offer. This is a truly eclectic approach. And this approach has always existed. I mean, for centuries, nations, tribes and creative people have been inspired by the work of others and have translated it into their own work. It’s all about the creative re-interpretation of existing things! This creative re-interpretation is what makes new designs unique. The process of re-interpretation is the key to coming up with new ideas. That’s the most important point for me. The fact that “eclectic behavior” is an essential part of my creating jewelry is the reason why my designs are so diverse – sometimes timeless and sometimes eccentric.
We all know that China is an example of the opposite process: the Chinese are masters of copying things. They really are! But I’m truly happy to see that my students have the spirit and the motivation to develop new ideas of their own! I hope to give them a good example of how eclectic creativity can work by sharing my thoughts about being an eclectic creative.

Wednesday May 8, 2013, 6.30pm, Sino Finnish Centre, Shanghai


Jewelry Design Workshop // Shanghai 03/05/2013


I’m halfway through my stay in Shanghai and the workshop with my jewelry design students from Tongji University. We started the course with an overview of the various jewelry categories that there are and defined our main goal: creating a piece of jewelry in between fine and fashion jewelry. My students are now developing a piece or a collection that includes both precious and non-precious materials. After an introduction to natural materials like wood and horn and a style brief on the topic of “contrast”, they started to sketch their ideas. It’s really interesting to see how they prepared their mood boards and how they are now translating this into jewelry design ideas. Teaching in English is a big challenge for me, because English is not my native language. Nevertheless, I’m realizing more and more that I really enjoy teaching. I’m also looking forward to starting the handicraft work with my students in the lab!

Photo by Andy Yuk

My Beloved Object // WOHNREVUE 12/04/2013

The Swiss magazine WOHNREVUE has a series in which it shows creative people’s beloved objects – and this month it’s my turn: this key holder is indeed one of my most beloved objects! I found it at the Portobello Market in London and the guy who sold it to me said that it’s a hunter’s and shaman’s symbol of power and strength. My dear friend Melissa bought the small one and I bought the big one, so I will never lose my memories of the lovely time I spent with her in London. And what’s more, I will always find my keys in the chaos of my bag! I carry it with me all the time while travelling the world on my journey through life.

I’m very excited about my upcoming journey to Shanghai: having never been so far away from home, I’m looking forward to exploring a new part of the world. I will teach a workshop for jewelry design students and give a speech about the diversified styles and categories of jewelry: from fine to fashion jewelry, bespoke and design jewelry as well as different brands’ particular styles…

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THE Men Jewellery 10/09/2012

Thinking of the most typical men jewellery piece I have always cuff links in mind. They are smart and functional. They fit to every outfit where a shirt is part of it. Are you having an elegant occasion like a weeding or a business meeting with the CEO than wear them with tie and your best suit. For a private reception or for the every day life wear them with a classic white shirt and jeans, in this case is no tie needed because it’s casual and sexy. Yes, cuff links are THE men jewellery, timeless and always an eye catcher.
These here are handmade in silver and wood. Available in Zurich at ZEITHALLE

Coral 15/08/2012

Sometimes people ask me how I feel to use corals, because coral riffs are so rare and so important for the sea environment. As I never buy new corals I have any regrets. The few jewellery pieces I have realized were done with single coral pieces I got from a stonecutter’s stock and from an old retailer in Istanbul. I agree that the environment should be protected, but I also think that those small beauties of nature fit very well into jewellery. So I recommend to everyone who has old coral jewellery to let it translate in a new design and keep the personal value of it instead to buy new corals. By the way: Red coral looks beautiful in yellow gold!

Baby Bracelet for Adults 06/08/2012

As a child I had one of those golden bracelets with my engraved name. But unfortunately I lost it a long time ago. Recently I had a client who ordered a bespoke baby bracelet and I realized how much I was missing mine… I decided to make a new one, adapted to my age and lifestyle. It has two different chains and all is done in yellow gold 18 carat. I let it engrave by hand with my own handwriting. I have the best engraver ever, thanks Nicole! I wear it every day now and I wont never losing it again.

Jewelry Presentation 15/06/2012

Since a while I’m fascinated by watches that aren’t anymore in use… The latest are this old wood watches! I took three of them and one I transformed into a small showcase. probably I like them so much, because jewelry for me are timeless, they will exist for ever!

Ring Things 11/06/2012

Marcel Meier is not only a very good  jewelry designer he is also an experimental artist! I really like this installation in his studio. Whe I saw it I wished I could shake this hand, but I can’t because there are to many rings on it.

Around The World 2 27/03/2012

Ohhhh how I love the combination of pearls and organic materials like here: pink shells. is it not a beautuful way to re-interpret the classical pearl neckpiece?

Around The World 22/03/2012

Magie d’Hiver – Last Winter Call 26/02/2012

Bravo VOGUE GIOIELLO! Not for the jewelry pieces itself, but for the great mise en scene… It shows how beautiful it can be playing with fancy stuff. grrrr, sometimes I wished I wear a stylist who arranges jewelry for special atmospheres all day long. Looking forward to seeing spring inspired styles soon!

White Winter 17/02/2012

It seems this winter is all white! The cold weather brings more than snow….. I love this fresh white in white style.

Bracelets: BALENCIAGA by Nicolas Ghesquière

The Golden Belt 13/09/2011

New Yorker subways has often something interesting to offer. For exapmple this guy here who wears this golden belt like a big jewelry. Usually I don’t ask people if I can do a picture of them, actually I don’t take picture of people on the street (maybe I should do it more!), but this time it was worth it. Especially beacause of his happy and proud face meanwhile I took it;-)



Jewelry Tattoo 13/09/2011

I have never seen such a fantastic tattoo or better: such a special jewelry! Personally I wouldn’t have any tattoo, because I coud never decide for a subject, but however I’m amazed about this one here!